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EcoSAT Earth Remote WaterTank Monitor

EcoSAT Earth Remote WaterTank Monitor

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Sensor Port

Built tough and portable. This EcoSAT Earth is capable of monitoring anything, whether it be tank levels or rainfall. Complete with a 1 or 2 sensor port connection to allow monitoring in those hard-to-reach places possible.


The EcoSAT Earth allows you to monitor your water levels using a global satellite connection.


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1. Plugin your sensor
No matter what sensor you are using simple insert it into any of the ports on your EcoSAT

2. Tighten up the thread and it's ready to go. ​
If you are using a sensor such as an electric fence or water level sensor they will need to be set up accordingly. ​​

​​3. Take the top cover off
There are 4 screws on the top lid that hold it in place stopping the lid from being knocked off by cattle or blown off in the wind.
The screws are located under the four clip-off covers pictured on the right.
Remove the screws and the lid will simply lift off.
Stop the unit from going anywhere by screwing or bolting it down using pre-drilled holes
Complete metalwork mounting kits are available to make this easier, but the standard installation does not require it.

4. Switch the unit on
Under the cover, there is a switch to power the unit.
Switch it to the on position and the unit will beep to indicate it has powered up.

5. Replace the cover
Reinstall the four fixing screws and clip-on dust caps.


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