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T35 Tank Level Sensor

T35 Tank Level Sensor

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The T35-X Tank Level Sensor uses groundbreaking radar technology to accurately monitor liquid storage levels. Using built-in cellular connectivity, the sensor transmits tank levels to the cloud so you can check your tank levels from anywhere! This sensor will help to monitor tank levels with accuracy and identify leaks, blockages and pump failures - all while reducing travel time to check tank levels.

Price includes 12 months connectivity and subscription to Waterwatch Live. The Waterwatch Mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play for easy setup and access to your tank levels).

With internet connectivity you can:

  • Remotely access data from your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Receive notifications for high, low and rapidly changing levels
  • Manage multiple tanks and share access with one another

 Waterwatch T35 Tank Level Sensor includes:

  • The Waterwatch T35 tank level sensor
  • 4x M4 screws
  • Magnetic wand
  • Warranty
  • 12 Month's connectivity*
  • 12 Month's subscription to Waterwatch Live*
  • Email and SMS alert notifications via the Waterwatch app or website

You will need to provide a smartphone (Android or IOS system with the Waterwatch App installed), fastening tools and any other material parts that may be required to support or protect the sensor.

*Connectivity charges after the first year are $120 per sensor, per year.

Data - With the AxisStream data management system, all of your Waterwatch data can be ingested, standardised to a uniform data model (industry or global standard) and stored in one data store that is controlled and owned by you. This well-organised and well-structured data can then be consumed in multiple ways including visualisation, insights and analysis. 



- Housing - Polycarbonate + PBT Waterproof and UV resistant
- Dimensions - 130x130mm
- Connectivity - Sigfox, 4G/LTE/CatM1/NB-IoT (5G ready), Satellite

- 60GHz Radar sensor
- Measurement accuracy 0.2%
- Measurement range 0.15m to 3.5m
- Operating temperature: -40oC to +85oC
-Power - Inbuilt Li battery; 3–10 year battery life depending on connectivity and reporting rate

Shipping & Returns

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The T35 Tank Level Sensor features quick and easy installation.
1. Drill a hole where you want the sensor to be placed.
2. Screw your sensor in place with the provided screws.
3. Connect to the Waterwatch App on your Android or iOS smartphone.


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